Blue Gemstones for Spiritual Awakening & Serenity
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Blue Gemstones for Spiritual Awakening & Serenity

Blue is the color of water, the ocean, the sky and healing. In many ancient civilizations, like the ancient Egyptians, blue crystals were used in their rituals as they were believed to represent heaven. Cleopatra was aid to crush blue gemstones, like Lapis Lazuli, to use for vibrant cosmetics. Blue gemstones promote spiritual awakening, serenity and tranquility. Using blue stones, especially when you are under stress, is said to surround you with calming, soothing energies to relieve stress and calm the mind. They can be used to reopen the energetic flow in areas that are blocked, encouraging you to relax, open up communication and find inner peace.

When you connect with the energy of blue gemstones, it encourages a healthy change in perspective by giving you a wider view of any problem or challenge. If you feel stuck in a rut, it could be your own stubbornness that keeps you from changing and evolving. It might be a needlepoint cliché, but blue gemstones help you ‘go with the flow’ instead of forcing things to happen or not doing anything at all, which can sometimes be worse.

Blue gemstones are also useful in meditation because the shade of blue is soft, expansive, and instantly soothing. If you’re feeling stressed, a light blue gemstone is one of the best remedies for a frazzled mind/body/spirit, which is why blue waters of an island paradise are always the focal point of vacation brochures; it promises freedom, relaxation—an escape from the hectic pace of modern life.

6 Blue Gemstones for Soothing Vibes + Deeper Relaxation

Aquamarine to Wash Your Worries Away

Blue Gemstones - Aquamarine

Like the ocean waves crashing on the shore, Aquamarine lets worries, stress and anxiety ebb. When you bring it into your environment, it fills the space with relaxation and rejuvenation to release stress and anxiety, instilling peace, calmness and tranquility. Aquamarine crystals embody the energy of the ocean and the sea, and are the perfect crystals for all you “landlocked mermaids”. They are also believed to restore youth and beauty, having anti-aging qualities that rejuvenate the skin–try our aquamarine beauty ritual! Placing these blue healing stones on your desk while you are studying; its tranquil energy will enhance your focus and concentration. Hold a piece of aquamarine when you have something you need to say, as it will keep you calm and help you communicate with ease. Sit in a circle of aquamarine stones when you are meditating to deepen your connection with your inner self.

Blue Lace Agate to Calm Your Fears

Blue Gemstones - Blue Lace AgateAre you someone who gets nervous speaking in public? Look no further than Blue Lace Agate! It’s the the ideal blue gemstone for you! Connected with the throat chakra, it’s soothing blue color brings peace of mind and allows you to relax into your words, instead of stumbling and getting tongue tied. As one of the best calming crystals for anxiety, Blue Lace Agate soothes your doubts and fears, washing them away with a sense of tranquility. It helps to quiet the mind so that you can breathe a little deeper and feel more like yourself. Before a speaking engagement or when you feel yourself getting anxious, reach for your favorite of the blue crystals as your touchstone.

Celestite to Soothe Your Soul to Sleep

Blue Gemstones - CelestiteCelestite will be your saving grace in times when you cannot sleep. Let it sing you a crystallized lullaby! These blue gemstones channel their energy from their highest realms of consciousness, filling your space with high vibes and soothing tranquility. Especially for babies and young children, Celestite’s calming energy promotes restful sleep to help you sleep soundly through the night. Place a celestite crystal on your nightstand each night before you sleep to calm your mind. It is also a wonderful touchstone to reach for in times of stress, sadness and anxiety to bring you back to a peaceful state. Hold a piece in each hand, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth, until you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Sodalite to Trust Yourself More

Blue Gemstones - Sodalite

Courageous Sodalite will chase your fears away. In ancient Greece, artists, sculptors and painters highly valued these blue healing crystals for they believed it brought creative energy, insight and helped them to trust their intuition. It vibrates with the blue ray, helping to open all lines of communication and with throat chakra healing. Sodalite encourages self-expression, helping you to trust your own judgement and not to second guess your own decisions. When working on a team project, give each member a piece of Sodalite to bring forth new ideas and creative expression; it will also facilitate smooth communication. Wear sodalite, or carry a piece in your pocket, to raise your self-esteem and feel good about yourself!

Lapis Lazuli to Lift Your Spirits

Blue Gemstones - Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom-enhancing Lapis Lazuli brings wonderment, inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. Since the beginning of time, it has been valued and used in ancient ceremonies, adornments and other rituals. These blue gemstones were heavily used in the ancient Egyptian culture. The golden sarcophagus of beloved King Tutankhamen was heavily adorned with Lapis Lazuli, and lapis lazuli jewelry was a traditional burial ornament for other Egyptian kings and queens. Carry Lapis with you to enhance your natural intuitive abilities. Place it in your bath to promote relaxation. Lift your spirits with the energy of Lapis Lazuli, as it is a “feel better” stone that will help bring you out of a funk. Try placing a small piece underneath your pillow to relieve insomnia and free your mind from negativity.

Turquoise to Heal Yourself

Blue Gemstones - Turquoise

Master healer Turquoise allows you to see the beauty in everything on Earth. The use of these blue healing stones dates back to the ancient times. In the ancient tombs of Egypt, queens and kings were decked from head to toe in Turquoise jewelry, along with Lapis jewelry. It was considered the Stone of Life and Protection, and they believed that the turquoise would keep their soul alive and protected after they left their body and continued to the after life. Carry and use turquoise when you feel unwell or as if you are getting sick, as it is believed to restore health and strengthen the immune system. Give a piece of turquoise as a gift to promote friendship, love and good health.

Blue Calcite to Realize Your Dreams

Keep a light blue gemstone like Blue Calcite in the bedroom to transition into sleep easier with a cleansed third eye and throat chakra. When your mind and heart are free from worries or anxiety blocks, you can relax in a restful night’s sleep.

The super chill vibes of blue calcite help you realize your truest desires by making them clearer and closer to your heart. When it comes to creativity, stress is your worst enemy, which is why blue calcite is essential for creative types. It stimulates the imagination by letting the good vibes flow through you. Great ideas typically come from a place of calm introspection. So instead of stressing over deadlines, call on the energy of blue calcite and allow yourself to stay cool, clear, and open to new ideas and innovations.

This light blue gemstone also has a higher frequency than deep blue gemstones. Its energy is calmer and more soothing, but no less powerful. Because of its association with the throat chakra, it also helps soothe hotheaded emotions, eases inflammation, and encourages a higher level of self-awareness. This light blue gemstone is especially helpful in healing the physical body because it promotes mellow relaxation, which is the best remedy for an overstressed system.

To capture the energy of your favorite blue gemstones and vibration of the the blue ray, try creating a crystal grid filled with blue stones! Put it in a location that you will see often, so that it can fill your space with tranquility and calm your mind.

When you’re searching for the meaning of life, light blue gemstones make an excellent spiritual companion wherever you happen to be on your journey. The color of the sky and water, blue gemstones remind us of the flow of energy that lies within. When this energy gets stuck, it can wreak havoc on the soul. If your spirit becomes sluggish, call on the gentle yet powerful energy of blue gemstones to transform the stagnant water of your soul into a lush waterfall overflowing with creativity and abundance. Hold tight to your favorite blue gemstones and get ready for your rhapsody in blue.

Learn more about blue gemstones and blue jewelry on our website! Crystal tips from Philip Permutt’s The Little Book of Crystal Tips and Cures. You may also like our post about Purple Gemstones.

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