Finding Your Moon Sign + the Crystals That Align with It
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Finding Your Moon Sign + the Crystals That Align with It

Moon signs are an integral aspect of astrology, so why don’t more people know their moon sign? The sun sign is easier to calculate, since it only requires the day and month of your birth. This has made the sun sign the reading of choice in pop culture because it is quick and easy. While it may not be the most well known of the astrological signs, it is important in factoring who we really are. Our moon sign gives us insight into our instinctual nature. Through learning about and finding your moon sign, we can grow to understand why we react to people or situations in the knee jerk way that we do. This may reveal needs that we haven’t been nurturing, or it can simply provide the answer to why you might differ on an intuitive level from your sun sign. It illuminates moods and traits that are less obvious to ourselves and others. The moon sign is calculated by using the day, month and year that you were born, as well as the time zone.

Once you calculate your moon sign, read below to see what it says about you, and which healing crystals will align with your moon sign. To find your moon sign, you can get a free natal chart at Cafe Astrology.

Discover Your Moon Sign + Crystals

Moon in Sagittarius

This sign is for the adventurers. Those that love the new, the spontaneous and the excitement of getting to know different people, places and things. These are the optimists who need regular contact with nature and friends. If you are feeling a moon sagittarius, remember to save energy, as you may be inclined to work and play yourself into exhaustion. Turn to Moonstone to embrace the cosmic adventurer within you.

Moon in Libra

People with their moon in libra are measured. They are compelled to be the devil’s advocate in situation, giving alternate perspectives on things whether they be positive or negative. These individuals can be hesitant when it comes to decisions, and may need a push to help them decide one way or another. They tend to recharge in relationships, and seek companionship in times of stress. Sodalite helps to bring balance and harmony into all aspects of your life.

Moon in Taurus

These practically minded individuals are crafty, and enjoy hands-on, DIY activities. Cooking and gardening are fun for these creative people who enjoy making things from scratch, and sharing them with loved ones. Changes are difficult for people with their moon in taurus who generally crave stability. Use Kambaba Jasper to helps with any resistance you’re feeling. It supports your loyal and enduring nature.

Moon in Virgo

Depending on whether a person is passive or highly-strung, those with their moon in virgo can either be excessively fussy, fretting about every detail and finding it difficult to calm down, or can be excessively idle, finding it hard to gather the energy to get things done when they know they won’t be able to finish it all. Small, mindless activities help these people to de-stress. Those with a moon in virgo excel when they are able to use their detail-minded memories, ability to prioritize, efficiency, and resourcefulness. Your crystal ally is Carnelian. It helps you to be open to creativity and deviate from your routine and planning so you can tap into your big picture ideas.

Moon in Aries

Ruled by impetuous impulses, people with a moon in aries are driven by adventure and a constant desire to be doing something. They will often be plagued with sleeplessness, and may need to expel their excess energy in some way. They might also feel an urge to break up the monotony in their life with hasty decisions that they later regret. It is helpful for those with a moon in aries to not allow their life to feel stagnant in work or relationships by adding physical activities like sports into the mix. This will keep the fidgety feeling in your soul from spurring you on to make poor decisions in the moment. Turn to Shungite as a neutralizer for all matters–physical, spiritual and emotional.

Moon in Pisces

If your moon is in pisces, you are most likely innately sensitive and compassionate. You place more value in your creativity than you do in attending to your responsibilities. At home in chaos, you dislike strict rules and the feeling of being confined. Mediation comes naturally to those with this moon sign, and thus they benefit from finding quiet, scenic places to daydream. If given a moment to think, these innovative individuals are apt at navigating around problems and finding solutions. Amethyst deepens your intuition, compassion and instinctual nature.

Moon in Leo

These fun-loving moon signs need others to recharge. By partying or going out, they surround themselves with others and feel rejuvenated in their rich sense of self. They like to be seen and appreciated, and don’t mind paying a little extra to have the stylish clothes they want to be seen in. When they go out, those with a moon in leo are often thought of as generous and highly creative, but their craving for attention can lead to low self-esteem if it is not validated. Citrine brings light where dramatic outbursts occur so that fairness and creativity prevail.

Moon in Aquarius

Independent, competent and intelligent, there is a quiet power within those whose moon lies in aquarius. They enjoy excelling in their chosen fields. Work is a passion of this moon sign, and while they love investing themselves into, they never lose themselves to it. Fiercely self-sufficient, they can have difficulty maintaining companionship romantically. As such, their stress relief comes less from others, and more from finding hobbies that they can invest their attention in while ignoring the world. Jaspers, specifically Mookaite, will work wonders for you. Its dimension brings expansive energies and it helps you to feel nurtured and supported.

Moon in Gemini

A moon in gemini will drive a person toward change and communication. They are easily adaptable and accepting of change, and love the new people that it will bring into their life. Their lively nature and friendliness draws people toward them. They are suited toward many things, and can handle having a lot on their plate. When something requires continued attention, it can be difficult for gemini moons to maintain focus. Turn to Chrysocolla to feed the newness.

Moon in Cancer

This strong and independent individual also has a vulnerable soft-side. They tend to be family-minded, and very protective of familial bonds. Still, they need an outlet where they can be alone and have their own space. They need to be surrounded by a small circle of very close friends, rather than have a large network of acquaintances. Those with a moon in cancer need solitude to destress. Black Onyx will be your crystal ally to let go and not cling to the past. It clears the space for more love, laughter and fun.

Moon in Scorpio

The way those with a scorpio in moon possess a multitude of powerful emotions makes them mysterious and attractive to others. With boundless energy, they are passionate people with bold goals in life. However, the inner turmoil of having so many strong emotions burning within can lead to mood swings. A hot, meditative bath is sometimes just the thing for scorpios to ease their dark energies. The crystal for you is Selenite, as it radiates pure light and brings balance to your intensity.

Moon in Capricorn

Those with a moon in capricorn are serious about tending to responsibilities and following set plans. They enjoy order and keeping a tight schedule. While people with a moon in capricorn can tend to push people away, this is usually a reaction to being under significant stress. A feeling of being independent is highly important to these individuals, and they will need to maintain this freedom to avoid feeling claustrophobic. It is also common for those with this moon sign to at times feel plagued with low energy. Rose Quartz helps you to trust yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Want to learn the best astrology crystals for your sun sign?

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