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How To Use Amethyst For Healing

Have you been struggling with heavy emotions that are clouding your judgment? Clear your mind with the magical powers of Amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the most renowned healing crystals. Its potent powers support physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing. Energy Muse explains several ways how to use Amethyst for healing including wearing it as jewelry, meditation, and placing it in your home.

Physical Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst physical healing properties are vast and include the following:

  • Detoxing and cell regeneration.
  • Sleep support
  • Mind clearing
  • Boosts immune system
  • Creates balance in the body.

Many of the physical healing properties of Amethyst are related to the mind. Amethyst helps dissipate brain fog and provides mental clarity. Consequently, Amethyst is known for aiding those struggling with sobriety. It helps to make goals clear and to get rid of doubt or negativity that encourages poor behavior. 

In addition, Amethyst further heals the mind by reducing the frequency and effects of migraines. It helps balance energy in the brain and calm tension attributed to severe headaches. Amethyst's ability to calm stress, tension, and anxiety cause a regulation in hormones. This healing property can help stabilize menstruation and temper symptoms. It can also regulate metabolism.  

When your body achieves balance, it is stronger. This regulation helps to improve the immune system and improves your ability to fight off diseases. Amethyst's natural ability to cleanse applies to the circulatory system in the body. It can help cleanse your blood and eradicate infection. 

Finally, Amethyst is commonly used to combat insomnia. Sleeping with Amethyst by or under your pillow will put your mind at ease. This practice helps sleep to come naturally and be uninterrupted. Amethyst is one of the most powerful healing crystals for those dealing with lack of or fitful sleep.

Emotional Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is a calming stone. Its power is grounding the user to nature and the universe. Amethyst's emotional healing properties include:

  • Calming
  • Removal of negativity
  • Clarifying decisions
  • Grief recovery

Amethyst is a grounding stone that brings clarity to your decision-making. If you are in a conflicting period in your life, where you feel that there are two different paths to take, meditating with Amethyst is a great way to connect with your mind, body, and soul. The calming feeling Amethyst gives to its user is overwhelming.

It will break through the negative energy circulating in your mind and help direct you to make the best decision that will bring you peace and happiness. Amethyst enables you to work through difficult emotions, like anger and grief, by helping you look inwards and realize the source of negativity.

Amethyst works as an emotional healing tool by helping to find answers in times of grief and depression. These feelings of loss and uncontrollable sadness are easy to lose yourself in. The negativity can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to see a way out of the feelings of grief or sadness that are holding you down.  

Amethyst connects you spiritually and helps to erase fears that are the basis of heavy emotions like grief and anger. Working with Amethyst as a healing stone during times of loss can help bring clarity to your feelings. For example, it will remind you about the person you love deeply and that their soul will always be connected to you and has just moved on to the next Realm afterlife. In this way, Amethyst finds balance in the positive and negative of death and is a valuable healing crystal in recovery.

The calming nature of Amethyst works to awaken creativity. A clear mind is a basis for genuine inspiration; having negative or heavy emotions erased from your thought processes will open your mind. It allows you to entertain new concepts and ideas that you wouldn't have been able to think of before. In this way, Amethyst can help emotional progress within an individual and make you realize your true inner self by unshadowing things that may be blocking you from reaching your spiritual goals.

Once you are connected with your inner self and can communicate with your spiritual guide, Amethyst will facilitate the transformation to finding your divine path in life. Your heightened spirituality will overshadow any fears of the unknown. That confidence within yourself will guide decision-making and bring out your true power to make the best choice for what you need.

Strong emotions can be paralyzing, and removing the negative energy around those emotions allows you to move forward and see the true origin of those feelings and create a positive outcome. Amethyst encourages you to look deep within yourself and look past the obstacles of negativity to see what could be and then manifest that to be what is.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Amethyst

amethyst crystal - Energy Muse

Amethyst's metaphysical healing properties are rooted in its connection to the third eye and the crown chakra. 

By opening your third eye, Amethyst protects you from evil thoughts and intentions. The third eye chakra is where your intuition resides and is the spiritual center of your being. Amethyst helps in your perception of reality and makes decisions and choices more straightforward. Negativity can cloud perception and make us feel things or think things that aren't true.

By sweeping away negative obstacles, Amethyst opens our path to enlightenment and heightens our spirituality. In addition, the color of the third eye is indigo, which is very similar to the color of the amethyst healing stone. When the third eye is blocked, we become cynical. When we cannot see a way forward, that blockage creates depression, anxiety, and uncertainty about what is to come. When we feel helpless, it is because of blocked energy and the third eye chakra.

However, Amethyst's connection to the crown chakra is perhaps the strongest of its metaphysical healing properties. The crown chakra is where the universe communicates. If you are feeling disconnected from the world or the people around you, there's probably a blockage of energy in your crown chakra. Disconnected feelings cause dysfunctional relationships and strong negative emotions to surface. 

Furthermore, egotistical or narcissistic thoughts are prevalent when the crown chakra is blocked. We cannot become our best selves when we cannot communicate with the universe or understand the purpose of our inner selves. Therefore, Amethyst is an essential healing stone for elevating our spirituality and our connection to the universe.

Protective Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst stones have been worn as an amulet for protection for thousands of years. These protective properties extend to the physical, emotional, and metaphysical levels. For example, at times of war, amethysts were worn to fight off physical attacks and prevent misfortune from falling upon the wearer.

However, Amethyst can also protect against evil intentions and emotional manipulation. By clearing your mind of negative energy and making good choices easily visible, Amethyst prevents manipulation of your thought process and improves your perception of reality. In addition, Amethyst protects against black magic and all forms of negative energy that can be trying to penetrate your mind and soul.

How Do You Use the Healing Properties of Amethyst?

There are several ways that you can use Amethyst for healing. The most popular is to wear amethyst healing crystals as jewelry. However, you can also use Amethyst in meditation and healing rituals.

Finally, placing Amethyst throughout your home or office is a way to protect you and your family from negative energy, misfortune, and bad intentions.

Wearing Amethyst as Jewelry

wearing amethyst - Energy Muse

Keeping Amethyst close to you always helps keep your crown and third eye chakra open. Wearing Amethyst in your jewelry is the easiest way to keep it close to your body. Amethyst is also a stunning stone. It is available in a variety of different shades of purple. Each stone is unique to another, and the variations of the crystal are gorgeous to look at. As a result, Amethyst makes a beautiful piece of jewelry that you'd be happy to wear at all times, regardless of its healing properties.

Amethyst's most potent healing occurs with direct skin contact. Placing Amethyst directly on your skin connects with the vibrations in your body. Your energy helps amplify the stone's power and creates a synergy between the two. Choose Amethyst jewelry that can be worn close to the crown or third eye chakra or near your pulse. These energy sources within your body will amplify Amethyst's power that much more.

Bracelets and necklaces are great jewelry pieces to incorporate Amethyst into. Luckily, Amethyst is one of the most popular healing stones, and it's easy to find lots of different jewelry. You're sure to find one that suits your own personal style, and it's something that you would be happy to wear every single day.

Amethyst Stone Necklace Meaning

amethyst necklace - Energy Muse

Wearing an amethyst stone necklace is a symbol of peacekeeping and wisdom. In ancient times, wise sages wore amethyst necklaces. Keeping Amethyst close to your heart will unleash its potent healing powers directly into your body. In addition, wearing an amethyst pendant necklace will protect you from physical threats and evil intentions. 

A bonus is that Amethyst is an unbelievably beautiful stone. It has a vast depth of colors. The hexagonal crystallization pattern reflects prisms of magical light. Each amethyst crystal is unique from another. Therefore, you will never see another person with the same pendant as you. The stone becomes even more personalized when it becomes attuned to your body's vibrations.

Amethyst Stone Bracelet Meaning

amethyst bracelet - Energy Muse

Amethyst stone bracelets are a piece of jewelry that brings peace and relaxation. Wear the bracelet on your left wrist to bring self-love. Amethyst bracelets work by processing negative energy from emotions that are rooted in insecurities and fear, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Allow the Amethyst to connect with your body's rhythms to exchange the negative energy polluting your mind with a sense of calm and mental clarity.

Alternately, wearing an amethyst stone bracelet on your right wrist will project healing to others. So, as opposed to receiving positive energy and relaxation, you are opening Amethyst's power up to be accepted by people near you. 

Amethyst is also a practical stone to use in bracelets because it is beautiful and durable. It does not get scratched easily. You can wear your bracelet while completing everyday tasks without fear of damaging the crystal. Standard amethyst bracelet designs feature a large center crystal mounted on a bangle or cuff. More subtle bracelets may have amethyst crystals braided or knotted into hemp and wire.

The size or structure of your amethyst bracelet will not affect potency. Opening your mind and soul to the healing properties of the crystals will naturally amplify the Amethyst's powers.

Using Amethyst in Meditation

Amethyst healing powers are in their connection to your mind. Consequently, it has a strong presence when used in meditation and healing rituals. Meditating with Amethyst is a great way to clear the mind and open your heart to new things or changes. You can meditate with Amethyst by keeping it near your body or by holding it in your hand. Remember, Amethyst's most potent healing occurs with direct skin contact, so it is best to hold the stone if you are looking for a truly impactful moment during meditation. 

Focus on your breathing throughout your meditation or healing ritual. Set an intention that you want the stone to focus its healing powers on. Think of what you are struggling with or your goals and how the stone's healing properties can help you reach them. Repeat your intention while focusing on your breathing and imagine the positive energy of the amethyst stone entering your body. Further, think about the exchange of energy occurring between you and the rock. The healing properties of Amethyst replace the negative energy that is leaving your body. 

If you are looking for guidance from Amethyst in your third eye or crown chakra, lay on the ground and place the Amethyst over the part of your body associated with that chakra. The third eye chakra rests at the base of your forehead near the bridge of your nose. The crown chakra is energized at the top of your head. Laying on the ground during meditation helps ground you to the earth and helps to heal. The stone serves as the conduit of energy between you, itself, and the ground.

Where to Put Amethyst in Your Home?

Amethyst wants to bring energy balance and create peace. Therefore Amethyst is used for protection, both spiritually and physically. Build an altar in your home, and put an amethyst in the center of it. Set intentions with these stones while meditating over your altar. Think of who and what you want protection from. It is essential to place the altar in a centralized spot or a significant area of your home.

For example, if you were looking for protection for your family, putting it in a room you all spend time in, like the living room, is a great choice. In addition, Amethyst can be used in office and work settings. Placing Amethyst in the office can help calm tension between employees, especially during times of change. Amethyst's calming nature can also help with focusing and therefore increases productivity.

Where to Place Amethyst in Your Home

Place Amethyst where you want to feel its protective powers. For example, if you are struggling with sleep and are looking for Amethyst to help heal the negative thoughts that cause you to struggle with insomnia, it is best to put Amethyst in your bedroom. Place a crystal directly beneath your pillow or on a bedside table within your vision when laying down.

If you are looking for an exchange of negative and positive energy, put it in the family room. Areas where you gather a lot are charged spaces. Amethyst will engage with at energy field and neutralize negativity. Its calming properties open the home to more substantial capacities of love.

How to Cleanse Amethyst

healing properties - Energy Muse

Amethyst is a strong healing stone, and as a result, you have to clean the stone often. It works hard to exchange negative energy for positive energy. When the stone is touched or used for healing, its energy field is disrupted. The balance of power is the job of Amethyst as a healing stone, and consequently, it collects energy. Therefore cleansing the stone helps to reset it and allows you to bring a new intention to your amethyst crystal

Use sound or smudging to rebalance the frequency of your amethyst healing stone. Vocal cleansing is commonly used with amethyst stones. There is no specific note or tone that you need to achieve during cleansing. The power of vocal cleansing is in the sound combined with positive visualization.

Think of pure energy and imagine that being transferred to the crystal as a reset to your amethyst stone. While immersing in the cleansing process, take a deep inhale. On the exhale, make a noise that your body intuitively feels aligns with your visualization of pure energy. Additional options for vocal cleansing are the use of song bowls, gongs, and drums.

Another way to cleanse Amethyst is to smudge it. Burn sage, and waft the smoke over and around your amethyst stone. While smudging, repeating positive affirmations or visualizing positive energy exchanges is vital. The power of thought is just as cleansing as the actions you are taking, so it is essential to conduct an amethyst cleanse with a clear mind and positive mindset.

While Amethyst should never be submerged for long periods, you can cleanse your healing stone with tepid water. Briefly run it under running water that is at room temperature. Do not soak Amethyst in salt water, as the salt will disrupt the crystallization of the stone and begin to break it down. Cleansing with water is the fastest way to reset Amethyst's energy frequencies; however, sound cleansing and smudging are more thorough methods that should be used whenever possible.

How to Charge Amethyst

Amethyst works by connecting you to the universe, and therefore you need power from earthly elements to charge the stone. Amethyst is a strong healing crystal, and in that work, it can lose its effectiveness. It requires a boost from natural elements like moonlight. To charge your Amethyst with moonlight, leave it outside in an open area overnight. You want to select an evening with mild temperatures and clear skies.

Amethyst cannot be exposed to excessive amounts of water, so choosing a day or evening that is expected to receive heavy rainfall is a bad idea. If you don't want to leave your stone outside, place your amethyst healing crystal in a window that receives strong moonlight. You want to ensure that the stone is bathed in the light from the moon for several hours. Lunar energy is one of the most potent charging energies in the world. Harness it by connecting your Amethyst to the moon.

If it is not possible to charge your Amethyst stone in moonlight, or if you do not have time to wait for an overnight charge session, exposing the Amethyst to extreme cold can also work. Place Amethyst in your refrigerator or freezer for up to one night. The cold air will charge the crystal and reset its energy frequencies.

For beginners in crystal healing, it is challenging to know when your stone needs to be charged. There is no set number of times you should set your amethyst stone in the moonlight. Instead, follow your intuition and listen to the vibrations of the stone during a meditation or healing session. It will tell you if it is time for a recharge. Amethyst communicates through vibrations. Connect yourself with the healing crystal to understand its needs. 

Finally, other healing crystals work as charging gemstones. The two strongest of these crystals are selenite and clear quartz. Place your Amethyst near a piece of selenite or clear quartz, and it will charge through proximity. The stone can achieve a more substantial charge by using a plate made out of a charging gemstone and placing your Amethyst on that plate for an extended period.

In addition to charging your amethyst stone, putting it on clear quartz can also amplify its healing powers. It can make your Amethyst, a substantial stone, even more potent and is good to do if you combat intense negative energy.

Fun Facts About Amethyst

As one of the oldest healing crystals, learning about amethysts' meanings and uses is fun:

  1. Its name came from a Greek word meaning, not intoxicated. It was named after its cleansing, clarity, and resolution healing properties. Additionally, the ancient Greeks believed that wearing Amethyst would protect against the effects of alcohol consumption. They considered Amethyst as a tool to prevent drunkenness and ward off negative thoughts that alcohol can inspire.
  2. Amethyst is a variety of quartz. It responds well with other forms of quartz, like clear or rose quartz.
  3. Amethyst is formed in a hexagonal crystal pattern. If you look closely at your stone, you can see the geometry formation deep within it. As the crystal forms, You can find various colors of purple throughout. That is what makes each amethyst stone 100% unique.
  4. Amethyst is successfully charged through the moonlight but should never be placed in the sun. Sunlight will fade the color of Amethyst and reduce its sparkling essence to a muted dullness. After excessive sun exposure, Amethyst will turn yellow. 
  5. Amethyst is the official birthstone of February.
  6. Amethyst is found in abundance in Brazil. Brazil is the largest source of these healing crystals in the world. 
  7. Amethyst stones can come in varying hues of purple. Most people associate amethyst with a deep wine-colored purple. However, each stone is different, and Amethyst can be found as light as lilac and as a super deep purple that looks almost black. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amethyst

What is Amethyst Good For?

Amethyst is a calming and protective stone. Using benefits several benefits such as:

  • Offering physical, mental, and metaphysical protection.
  • Warding off negative energy.
  • Calming and relaxation

It is good to use Amethyst in meditation to help open your mind and manifest your intentions. Amethyst also makes excellent jewelry. Its beneficial properties have been revered for thousands of years. The potency of Amethyst is documented in the history of several ancient civilizations.

What Are the Healing Properties of Amethyst?

Amethyst is good for physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing. Its top healing properties include:

  • Bringing calmness and relaxation.
  • Combatting fear, anxiety, and depression.
  • Improving sleep 
  • Protection against physical and emotional attacks.
  • Opening the third eye chakra and crown chakra.
  • Connecting the inner self with the universe.
  • Help in achieving sobriety.
  • Improving self-confidence and self-love.
  • Clarifying decisions

What Are the Benefits of Amethyst Cluster?

Amethyst clusters possess strong healing energy. Its protective powers are amplified when placed in your home. Each point of the amethyst cluster emits positive energy that will enhance feelings of relaxation. Amethyst clusters are most potent when put in open spaces. Cloak your entire room with soothing feelings from balanced energy.

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