Self Love Crystals + The Ultimate Guide to a Solo Valentines
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Self Love Crystals + The Ultimate Guide to a Solo Valentines

When your friends hear that you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s, they take on a very specific tone. With an octave of consolation, and another of empowerment, their vocal range lingers between comfort and confidence to lend reassuring vibes to what they surely must think is a trying time in your life. In reality though, even when the attempt to massage your ego comes with the best of intentions, the implication that you are or should be sad on Valentine’s can be insulting in itself. Why should you feel bad about being alone on Valentines? It’s a day about love. Who do you love more than yourself? That’s where self love crystals come into play.

Even when you’re single, you still have plenty of love to celebrate on February 14th. Plus, you get to celebrate it just the way you want. A new trend of anti-Valentine’s Day parties has popped up for singles. Banners in contempt of love hang in the doorway, the red and pink colors associated with Valentine’s are swapped for black and gray, and the most anti-romantic movies are selected for watching. While this is a funny twist on the holiday, it sort of assumes that people who don’t have a partner to love on Valentine’s, must hate love. Let’s cast off this notion by taking the holiday back from being just for couples, and show ourselves some love and pampering on Valentines. With self love crystals, we’ve got something for those looking to amplify their love manifestation and something for the people just wanting to embrace themselves this Valentine’s. Crystals for love are just one fun item on the docket of this ultimate guide to a solo Valentines.

Retail Therapy

Should you at any point in the day start to feel your self-loving resolve begin to wane, there is one tried and true method to cheer yourself up: retail therapy. While this one shouldn’t be done to excess, what better way is there to remind yourself of how worth it you are than to purchase yourself a new dress or outfit? Getting all dolled up every once in awhile gives you a new light. You radiate self-love, independence and confidence. This rosy aura will attract eyes from everyone you come across. Something as simple as a new shirt can usher in a whole new attitude. So why not splurge a little? The opportunities a brighter attitude could attract might just pay off in troves.

Shower in Flowers

Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? There is nothing more beautiful than being able to celebrate nature’s colorful gifts by adding a bouquet to brighten up your home. Flowers add life to a space and rejuvenate the spirits everyone who sees them. Clear a small bit of time in your schedule to pick out your favorite flowers. Not only will they add to your decor and make your day a little better, in the days after Valentine’s you can look at them as a reminder of the love and appreciation you give yourself.

Aromatherapy—It Just Makes Scents!

Light a candle and relax. Is there a more soothing sentence in the English language?! Indulging in a room filled with soft lighting and pleasing aromas can lull even the most active anxieties to a peaceful rest. Just pick one: candles, essential oils or incense. Overdoing it can have the opposite effect, and leave your nose feeling overwhelmed, but one scent is more than enough to calm any lingering negativity surrounding the day. Some suggested scents to look for on the quest for self-love inspiration, are: Cassia, for confidence, Bergamot, for opening the heart and releasing pain and fear, Ylang Ylang, for happiness, and Frankincense, for spiritual connectedness and self-care.

It’s a Mask…erade!

A DIY face mask is the perfect luxury for when there’s no one around to tell you how ridiculous you look. This meringue inspired tingling face mask is just thing to get you and your skin feeling bubbly and bright. Crack an egg and let just the egg white pour into a small bowl, making sure no yolk gets in. Add one tablespoon of sugar to the egg white, and whisk it until it has the airy, fluffy consistency of meringue. Then apply a thick layer to your face. It will tingle as it tightens. After 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water. Your pores will be noticeably smaller, and your post-pampered attitude will be as sweet as lemon meringue pie!

Self Love Crystals

Self love crystals are great to have around the house as well as to manifest with in meditation. When manifesting with love crystals, it’s important to think about what kind of love your looking to attract in your life. Crystals for love attraction can be Rose Quartz for attracting love and abundance, Carnelian for trust and amplified attraction to love and lust and Danburite for activating higher consciousness, patience and energy. Crystals for love attraction will bring you to an elevated state that heals the pain of past experiences so that your spirit ready to bring in new opportunities for love. Self love crystals can be any of the above, as well as Rhodonite for forgiveness and encouragement, Rhodochrosite for confronting truths and lifting the spirit and Pink Agate for self-confidence and elevated perspectives. Self love crystals will help to bring a revived sense of respect and value to the soul. Love crystals are an important part of any crystal collection because love is an energy we should always seek to perpetuate. With crystals for love, practices of gratitude and forgiveness that help in other areas of life will become easier to adopt.

Photos by our favorite self love expert, Ruby Fremon.

Self Love Crystals + The Ultimate Guide to a Solo Valentines

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