Did You Know You Can Use These 6 Crystals for Protection?
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Did You Know You Can Use These 6 Crystals for Protection?

Crystals are programmable, which means you can set an intention for your stones and give them a job. In theory, any crystal can be programmed with any intention, but some crystals have an energy that makes them better than others for particular intentions. For example, many darker stones like Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian are well-known for protection because they can absorb any negative or lower vibrational energy. But there are also some stones less commonly known as protection crystals but powerful nonetheless. Today we’re sharing which they are and how to use them.

Lapis Lazuli for Psychic Protection

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful third eye chakra crystal, and this connection to your mind is what gives it a protective energy, also. By expanding your awareness and enhancing your mind power, this stone helps you to ward off psychic attacks. 

How to Use: To use Lapis Lazuli for protection, carry this stone with your or place it over your third eye. 

Carnelian for Protecting Your Joy

Carnelian is typically used to connect with joy, passion and creativity, but sometimes when we are depleted it’s hard to tap into those frequencies. Carnelian helps to protect our joy by holding that energy and providing a source of joy for us to plug into when we aren’t in that space. By bringing awareness to the things that detract from your level of happiness, you can hold onto joy and stay in that energy frequency. 

How to Use: To use Carnelian for protection, write down 3 things that bring you joy and place your stone on top of your life. You can also carry it with you throughout the day to hold onto your joy.

Pyrite to Reflect Negative Energy Away from You

The reflective nature of Pyrite allows you to hold a mirror up to any oncoming negativity or unwanted energy and send it away from you, keeping your energy protected and shielded from anything you do not want in your energy field. 

How to Use: To use Pyrite for protection, carry it with you in your purse or pocket to keep bad vibes at bay. You can also use it as a centerpiece in your home to reflect negative energy back to the sender and keep it out of your energy field. 

Rose Quartz for Vibrating at the Highest Vibration of Love

When you aren’t connected to the frequency of love, it can feel as though you have to be on-guard or put your boundaries up. It can even feel like you are being attacked. On the other hand, when you use Rose Quartz as a love stone, you can connect to a higher frequency and you will feel protected by the strong vibrations around you. This stone helps you to get out of the lower energetic frequencies and tap into the energy of love as your protective shield.

How to Use: To use Rose Quartz for protection, hold it over your heart or carry it in your purse or pocket to surround yourself with the energy of love.

Clear Quartz for Being Crystal Clear

Clear Quartz helps you get crystal clear and aligned with your highest self. When you are completely aligned, when you become crystal clear, it’s as though you have your own personal compass. This clarity allows you to decide what’s right for you and what’s not each and every step of the way so you can stay true to yourself and live your true north. When you are connected to your highest self and can see the larger plan for your life, it prevents you from deviating from your path. You won’t be attracted to things or people that aren’t in alignment with where you want to go, which offers you protection against distractions and detractions throughout your life.

How to Use: To use Clear Quartz for protection, carry it in your purse or pocket to stay in alignment with your higher self and your path.

Hematite for Staying Grounded

The heaviness of a Hematite crystals helps you to get grounded, which can be a powerfully protective energetic force because you feel energetically safe and secure. It’s not as easy to get off-kilter or out-of-balance because the support of the earth and your foundation offers you a sense of stability. This is ideal for protection against stress, anxiety, tension, worry, and other negative or unwanted energy.

How to Use: To use Hematite for protection, carry one stone in each pocket to ground your energy. You can also hold a Hematite in each hand or hold one with both hands as you meditate for a grounding session.

Heather Askinosie
Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at energymuse.com.

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