Make it Happen! 12 Crystals for Manifestation
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Make it Happen! 12 Crystals for Manifestation

Wondering how crystals can help you manifest? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to use crystals for manifestation and turn your dreams into reality.

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you”

It’s a childhood song we all know, profound and prophetic in its simplicity: the idea that possibilities are limitless and any wish can come true for any one of us if we just believe. 

We all have goals and dreams. A vision for our future of a life that’s full and fulfilling. For some, this means financial success or career goals; for others, it’s about family or love. Or perhaps it’s expanded experiences, travel, or creative expression. It's true that some of us have to travel further, push harder, overcome more, but remember: it "makes no difference who you are" — the power is within you to do, and be, anything you set your mind to. One spark of an idea can become an enterprise. One passing thought can become a revelation. One glance of the eye can become a romance. So, how do we turn our passion into results or a wish into reality? As with everything, it starts with you. If we can let our imagination run free, if we can train our mind’s eye to visualize and truly see our intention, then we are well on our way.

Manifesting intentions is a process. It takes some time. There will be days when it feels like our dreams will be just that, a dream: unobtainable and out of reach. But remember, a dream is simply a wish, and a wish just needs a plan, and with a plan you can make progress. Before you know it, what was once a figment of your imagination is within reach. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and you can be sure there will be bumps along the way. Stay determined but remain nimble. Being flexible allows us to absorb the ups and downs with more resilience. If we remain too rigid, we’ll snap: think more breezy willow tree, less immovable oak tree. Every day we overcome obstacles and every day we find solutions and juggle priorities. Acknowledge and appreciate the little wins every day and use them as the building blocks upon which magical kingdoms are made. Even our worst days can bring the satisfaction of knowing we got a little stronger for having endured. If we stay positive, we can persevere. If we stay open-minded, we can seize opportunity. And, if we believe, we will achieve. Everything we need is already inside of us. Crystals for manifestation can help us access our inner power. The most rewarding accomplishments are those we never thought possible. A little magic goes a long way. So, go ahead, reach for the stars and astonish yourself when you harness the power of crystals for manifestation!   

The 12 Best Crystals for Manifesting

One of the most powerful techniques for manifestation is to get crystal clear and outline each and every detail of your new reality.

What's on your wish list? How far will your imagination take you? How deep is your drive, how clear is your vision? These crystals for manifestation show us that Walt Disney’s famous quote is true: "if you can dream it, you can be it." We have all the tools needed to be the best version of ourselves, to be successful in our career, attract money and abundance, even, literally, to meet the person of our dreams. Access the energetic powers and natural wonders of the Earth and use these crystals to manifest your intentions and create the kind of life you want and deserve.

Crystals for Manifestation

  1. Angel Aura Quartz - Dream On 

As one of the most magical stones in the mineral kingdom, Angel Aura Quartz is the crystal dreams are made of. It exudes sparkle and joy, allowing you to access a dream state and tap into your imagination, to truly visualize and see your intention happening. Expand your mind, think outside the box and explore the infinite opportunities that reside within you. Use this crystal to become uplifted and transported to another dimension beyond the material world so you can fully envision the life you want. 

  1. Lemurian Quartz - Clarity Breeds Conviction

Lemurian Quartz brings forth your inner wisdom and intuition to reach a point of clarity. And, with clarity comes conviction. Use this crystal to clearly define your intentions and bring your vision into sharp focus. It also helps calm the chaos and offers patience and serenity so you can pursue your goals and achieve a state of fulfillment. Its own clear color will enable you to clearly see your intended future.  Then, let your wisdom be your guide and you can achieve anything. 

  1. Labradorite – Believe in the Miracle Within

Life is filled with miracles. Labradorite is aligned with the splendor and wonder of the Aurora Borealis. One look at this crystal and you will see it contains all the magic of this spectacular and mystical light show. We don't need to understand its beauty in order to appreciate it. The same is true for embracing our own inner beauty. This stone helps us get past the logical, into a place of wonder and awe.

All three of these crystals for manifestation can be used in combination to access the wide and wonderful world of possibility, where manifestation resides. Let them guide you to the limitless opportunities that are not only available to us, but already living inside of us.

  1. Fluorite - Make your Wishes Come True 

Fluorite is often known as the wishing stone, a tool we can use to tap into our imagination and make wishes come true. A wish and a dream are really one in the same, and when we can access our dreams and gain a clear understanding of them, we can direct our energy toward seeing our dreams materialize, or manifest, in the real world. Fluorite is a visually beautiful stone, with layers of green, purple and white that remind us everything takes time. If we practice patience and take a measured, layered approach, we can cultivate our ideas and, bit by bit, watch them grow.

  1. Tourmalinated Quartz – A Dynamic and Dream-Creating Duo

Tourmalinated Quartz combines the powers of two healing energies, Quartz Crystal and Black Tourmaline. The Black Tourmaline helps clear away and release all the negative energy of that internal pessimist telling us, "no" or "it's impossible", you know, that voice which, all-too often, we find easier to believe than the optimist insisting, “yes you can.” Tourmaline quiets the nay-sayer inside of us, clearing the way for a shift to a mindset of "yes" and possibility. The black and white coloring of Tourmalinated Quartz reminds us we will face opposing forces - good and bad, ups and downs -- but if we keep our eye on the prize and stay positive, we can overcome whatever obstacles arise. There is always a way around, or a way through. If you can dream it, you can see it, and if you can see it, you can move toward it, one step at a time.

Crystals for Manifesting Love

  1. Chrysoprase – Receive Love

This green-apple colored crystal is amazing for manifesting love. Many times, we are more focused on how to give love than how to receive it. We find it difficult to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to love, especially on a deeper level.  Our ability to be loved and attract love requires self-love, first and foremost. Chrysoprase helps us strengthen and nurture our self-image, so we exude an energy of confidence and self-worth. The softer energy of this stone helps us turn our attention inward to promote self-awareness, self-acceptance and unconditional self-love. Once we are in a good place within ourselves, we can then share our heart with others. Taking care of our heart and our self will serve as a magnet for love and enable us to receive the love we desire and deserve.

  1. Rose Quartz — Become A Love Magnet

One of the most powerful crystals for love is Rose Quartz because it opens your heart to love of all kinds. If you’re wondering which crystals attract love the most, you simply have to start with Rose Quartz! Keep Rose Quartz by your bedside, and also in your purse, pocket, or bra. Each night before you go to sleep, place Rose Quartz over your heart. It’s one of the best crystals for manifesting love because it fills you with the vibrations of love very powerfully; so much so that you can’t help but radiate it out like a magnet! Rose Quartz love is an uplifting kind of love because it begins with you and is not conditional on someone else’s feelings, relationship status, or anything like that. 

Crystals for Manifesting Money

  1. Smoky Quartz – Clear the Way for Success

This is the first step in your journey toward success and abundance. Smoky Quartz is a grounding gemstone. It helps connect you with the energy of the Earth to keep your dreams in the stars but your feet firmly on the ground, so you remain balanced and focused. It is also particularly effective in removing negative energy. Smoky Quartz helps clear away any limitations, worries or mental barriers you might have. You need to empty your proverbial pot before it can be filled. Once all the junk, the noise and the excuses have been wiped away, your mindset becomes open to the inspiration, creativity and determination needed to fulfill your goals.

  1. Chrysocolla – Your Crystal Cheerleader 

Chrysocolla is a powerful heart chakra stone, encouraging us to live life to the fullest. Every day is a new beginning, a blank slate and an opportunity look forward. Whatever we might have overcome in the past or whatever may await us in the future, Chrysocolla is a virtual crystal cheerleader, helping you stay uplifted, optimistic and committed. Use it to release any negative thoughts or toxic emotions. Stay positive and focused on achieving your goals and then Go! Fight! Win!   

  1. Citrine – Stay Sunny & Look on the Bright Side

Like Vitamin C for the soul, Citrine brings sunshine into your life when you need it the most. Its radiant energy cultivates positivity, growth and abundance. As one of the only crystals that does not store negative energy, it is powerful in its ability to keep you uplifted and reassured that everything will work out. Let it help shine a light on your path moving forward and guide the way to a brighter day.

  1. Malachite – Go with the Flow

Malachite is transformative, with an energy that is constantly moving, shifting and flowing. It allows you to focus intently on the bullseye of your target in order to draw money toward you. It’s even green, the color of money! Use this crystal to channel your own ingenuity and instincts, to get inspired and scope out new opportunities. Be determined in your mission but flexible in your pursuit. Stay fluid and the money will flow your way.

  1. Peacock Ore – Strut Your Stuff 

The Peacock Ore crystal, also known as Chalcopyrite, is a luxurious stone with a rich, iridescent mixture of blues, golds and magentas, and purple that go from vibrant violet to fluorescent fuchsia. This stone emits light and positivity but, most of all, confidence! It is the stone of creativity and blessings to help stimulate new ideas, even reach a state of bliss. It allows you to push away all doubts and limitations and finally take that leap of faith. Be bold in your manifestation. Indulge those decadent thoughts, dare to dream, and dream big! Stay humble, but be courageous. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and take pride in your talents. Do the things you know you are great at and that make you happy. Be the best at what you do, and who you are, and your reward will follow. Work with Peacock Ore when you are ready to shoot for the stars and attract all the best that life has to offer. 


  1. what crystals are good for manifesting?

Start with a firm, clear and detailed vision for your intention with Clear Quartz. If you're having trouble figuring out exactly what you want to manifest, begin by meditating and journaling with Peacock Ore, Labradorite, and/or Angel Aura Quartz. These will help you dream bigger, expand your mind and your ideas of what's possible for yourself. Once you get a bit clearer you can start narrowing down: go with Rose Quartz and Malachite for love, Citrine and Pyrite for money, Carnelian and Tiger's Eye for creativity and power, and more. Use a crystal grid with several stones to boost the strength of your manifestation powers!  

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